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Solar energy networking lights

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Solar energy networking light


Solar energy networking light



1,Lithium solar energy networking light is a wireless solar street light management system of simple installation and easy maintenance.  It can solve the problems of traditional solar street high maintenance cost and management inconvenient.

2,Lithium solar energy networking light consists of poles, PV modules, LED lights, lithium batteries, wireless modules, gateways, GPRS base stations and background management system.

3, Background management center of Lithium solar energy networking light respectively connects with the intelligent terminal and the GPRS base station through the wireless network. And GPRS base station connect with multiple gateways through the GPRS network . Then the gateway through a number of wireless terminal module to connect multiple wireless modules, and then control the solar energy networking light.

4, wireless modules of solar street light intelligent management system  use 2.4GHz frequency to communicate.

5, Wireless solar energy networking light system uses Internet of things and wireless communication technology. It can control street lights by manual control, time control, light control, dimming and charge and discharge control. It can also monitor the running status of the street in real time .

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