Why using lithium battery solar street light?

The Li-ion battery intelligent solar street lights are composed of the lithium battery intelligent storage and control system, Solar PV modules, LED light source, light pole, and related components. As the traditional lead-acid batteries pollute environment , have short life and the Li-ion battery fast develop in recent years , Lithium battery with its high energy, high security, long life, no pollution and other characteristics, and gradually replace the lead-acid battery.
The following is advantages of lithium battery intelligent solar street light :

Energy Saving

It completely utilizes natural light source , and has no need to consume mains power.

Environmental protection

The Li-ion battery is a clean energy with no pollution. different from lead-acid battery , the Li-ion battery is a controllable , no memory effect. The lithium battery is environment-friendly secondary battery.

Long lifespan

The life of solar panel is far more than 10 years, The effective use life of LED light source ranges from 40000 to 50000 hours. And the cycle life of Li-ion battery is more than 2000 times (about 8-10 years), which will perfectly match the system.


Intelligence integration system can reach reasonable match of LED light source, solar panel and Li-ion battery , Thereby reducing the energy consumption caused due to unreasonable match.


Based on the users’ decision-making demands, the remaining battery capacity , the duration of day and night, and weather conditions to intelligently optimize computation, reasonably distribute the power grade and combine optical control with time control to ensure 10-15 days lighting in succession.

Why Choose US?

Public company in China

Anhui Longvolt Energy Co.,Ltd was established in June 18, 2012. It is not only a science and technology joint-stock company, but also a national high-tech enterprise. It is public company in China . The stock code is 838703.

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Professional R & D team

We have more than 20 R & D personnel, according to market demand constantly updated products.

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Strict quality control

The production workshop will be strict for each part of the quality control . Before leaving factory , there is a final test and issue a test report.

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First-class warranty

3 years warranty, in the past 3 years, any parts of the problem, we free exchange.

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The BMS Li-ion battery intelligent management system

The BMS system that our company lately researched and developed can manage and conrol LiFePO or Li-ion battery packs or different configuration . In addition to a charge and discharge protection, over-current protection, temperature protection and other basic functions, but also has a full intelligent charge and discharge balance, precise power management.

Free design

We can manufacture the solar street lights as your requirements. And give you professional solutions.

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